Thursday, October 4, 2007


I'm off on a trip south to Oregon and Washington tomorrow. It's been a busy 2 months since I last posted.... fun trips on the water; camping, hiking, walking, and visiting with friends; lively guests; a shopping trip to town on the boat; and lots of time with my new camera and MacBook.... too much fun! Not much time or enthusiasm for painting, but I do want to put a few little ones here.

In August, 5 women friends and I kayaked around P. Island and camped for 2 nights. This is a few from our camp site the first night at Black Rock.

This is from our campsite on the second night, looking towards home.

This was one late afternoon in August when the fireweed were blooming, down at my favorite place at the beach....

And this from the same spot looking North.

Also in August, I went up bay with Kate and Fritz in their boat The Great Sea. I think this is the top of Mt. Wright.

This was the first of the 2 evening in Sandy Cove.

And this, Alum Root, was at the base of Mt Wright.... first time I've ever seen it.

Our community was very saddened by the loss of 2 fine young men in a plane crash in August. My heart goes out to their family and loved ones.


Aurora said...

Hi carol--lovely work--as always--and it still makes me miss Alaska~

Aurora said...

hey Carol--whre are you now? are you back home yet?

Anonymous said...

I have a photo of that view of Sandy Cove...transplanted to Anchorage and still looking for that sort of beauty!