Wednesday, June 6, 2007

JUNE 6, 2007

Summer seems finally to have arrived with fields of dandelions and shooting stars, moose cows with calves, and lots of tourists. but it is still quite cool most days. The one really nice sunny day in the last two weeks was last Friday and I went with Marilyn and Kate down to the Good River Bridge. I walked down to A. and L.'s cabin and set in front of their window and painted..... the perfect view.

I worked all of the past week on another woodblock print. It is of the Fairweather Mountains and I made it for an exchange. Had a lot of problems with it. I made lots of extras so I'd have some to try to sell, but it was reductive (meaning the blocks were altered for printings of each of the colors) so I couldn't print more. Many of the extras will be trashed.

And also planted my vegetable garden. I have no great expectations for it this year. I'm going to be gone quite a bit this summer, so at least the weeds will flourish and the slugs will love it without my nightly squirts of ammonia water.

I will be leaving for Sitka on Friday and back home on the 17th. I just packed my paints, so hope to have something more to show here when I'm back.


Aurora said...

hi--I used to save all my imperfect-not-good-enough-to-sell" linocut prints---and once I even made a basket out of some of them (I cut them up); I used an antique basket made out of old antique cards--cut and crocheted together as the model--and I put the basket in an art exhibit and someone bought it! So perhaps save your prints that you plan to "trash"--and use them in another piece of art? anyhow, I make more mixed media pieces with paper and fibers and beads all together in an "altered" book or something--so I don't throw away my rejects (at least until I move--so I toss stuff about about every 10 years;-)

nice painting here Carol--they make me see your area so well--makes me homesick...

Carole Baker said...

Thank you for your comment and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I don't know why I said "trash".... probably just to end my post without admitting that I save just about everything. I do save all my old prints... I use the reverse sides for proofing, cut them up for collage, ATCs, book covers, cards. An altered print book sounds like a good idea.... this last print is wide and I could fold and make a book to alter with beads, whatever. My mother made baskets out of old Christmas cards... must be sort of what you did.