Friday, December 22, 2006


..... and the shortness of daylight does indeed make for what seems like a very short 24 hours. Though we do have several hours of daylight, we haven't seen much sun lately. But I do find it a pleasant time of year. After 3 rather hectic days in the big city, I returned Wednesday and relished being here at home where the only requirement is to watch the weather rather than be out in it.... a few inches of snow yesterday and now a wind storm is suppose to come. Lots of wind on my trip to the city..... and rain.

I didn't rush back into the studio on my return, instead have dug out a quilt I started some years ago and hope to finish soon. The postcard paintings posted today are from last week.

These two were done on the 14th, snow and ochre sky, around 2:30

And this one the next day, a little after noon With hopefulness for a sunny walk on the beach,
I drove down to the dock and pretty soon the wind and snow got me back into the truck where I painted these looking across the strait:

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