Ernest Gruening Cabin Residency

I spent the first two weeks of August as the Artist in Residence at the Ernest Gruening Cabin north of Juneau.  My goal was to start doing larger oil paintings and I did begin 2 larger pieces one of which you can see on my other blog.  I was a very inspiring and productive two weeks.  I also painted or started several some smaller oils  and these little watercolors in an  5x7 accordion book.

A view from the cabin

inside the cabin looking out

Mount Ernest Gruening as seen from the shore of the Salt Chuck,

The outhouse as seen from the bathroom window,

one of several spectacular sunsets seen from the cabin,

Rocks above the beach,

and another view from the cabin


En Provence

It seems do very few little watercolors anymore except when I travel.   These are some I did n a little travel journal I made on a trip to Provence last month.  I attended an oil painting workshop taught by   Carol Marine with my friend and neighbor, Aimee, and another week in Aix with Aimee and other friend, Carolyn. You can read more about the trip on my other blog. 

They are all double pages in an accordian book and about 7x6 inches. 

View from my room at Chateauneuf de Gadagne where the workshop was held.

View from the terrace of Chateauneuf de Gadagne

From the balcony of apartment in Aix in Provence that we stayed in for a week after the workshop.

I painted an oil pointing from this later.  It is at the asylum where Van Gogh painted before his death.

This was also at the Van Gogh asylum

Mont Sainte Victoire from Painter's Park near Aix, where Cezanne painted many paintings from.

It took me until now  (10 scans done) to see that there is a smudge on my scanner.  Darn it.   


Fireweed from Summer

So little outdoor time with my watercolors this past summer.... I more often took my oil paints, though more times than not, what I painted got scraped off.   The fireweed were amazing this summer and this is one of several paintings I did of them.  An oil painting, done on the same day is on my other blog, here. 
A writer friend, Fran Kelso has written an post about me on her blog.
 Click here for a link to the article.


Beautiful June


These are a couple of little postcards done in the last couple of weeks during some gorgeous sunny weather.  Today is overcast and cool outside, a good day to catch up on the internet.


Sea Wolf Adventure

 I had a most wonderful trip last week into Glacier Bay  on a beautiful ship called the Sea Wolf.... kayaking, hiking, great crew and fellow passengers, and gourmet meals.  Everyone should be so lucky.  You can check out their website by clicking here.http://www.seawolfadventures.net/

Of course, I took my watercolors and did several watercolor postcards and sketches.


A page from my journal



This was from my sun-room window on Wednesday.  Today the willows were a bit more green.

  We are certainly having an earlier spring this year.  This is a photo  I took on April 27, 2013 from the same window.... a more typical spring.


Painting at the Beach

It has been an earlier than usual spring with lots of lovely days. This past week I've gone to the beach a few days and have worked on a couple of oil paintings and these little watercolors, all looking the same way, west towards the Salmon River.  Garden work has started, but today is raining and so a good day to put some things for all to see.


Plein Rein Retreat

When I returned to Alaska last month, I stayed a weekend in Juneau to join the Plein Rein painters at a retreat out the road in the Jubilee cabin at the Shrine of St. Therese.  I did several paintings and drawings, enjoyed being around other artists and ate lots and lots of good food. 


We drank a lot of good wine too.


Sketchbook Paintings in Florida

Better late than never.  Here are some of the little paintings in my sketch book that I did in Florida.

 The waves were a challenge..... just too fast.  But I got the color right and enjoy the time sitting on the beach in the warm sun.

This is a view from the living-room of my son's fixer upper bungalow. 

This is no longer a mystery.  I found a painting of it I'd done a few years ago in Florida and had forgotten.  It is is a kalanchoe.


A View from the Ferry

I'm home from my travels with several new little watercolors in a little sketch book that a friend gave me just before I left home.  Above is the first painting that I did in it.  I did it from the ferry just before we left Gustavus for Juneau on the first leg of our trip to Florida.

Above is a scan of the book.  My friend purchased it at Uwajimaya, a large Japanese store in Seattle.  I like the paper a lot.  It is more forgiving than most of the watercolor papers I use.  it measures about 6x7.5 inches.


In Florida, no Scanner

I'm here in Florida for a while.  I must admit to not keeping to my intentions to paint 29 little paintings in February, but I did do about 20.  I got too busy getting ready  to leave home and we spent a couple of days in Juneau which were also busy.  Then there was jet lag.  In the last few days, I have done a few sketches and little paintings and yesterday took some photos of them.  I was going to post here, but discovered I didn't bring the cord to put them on my laptop. And there is no scanner.   Darn it!

What I did just do, which I'd been meaning to do for a long time, is post on my other blog about some books that I have had paintings and drawings included it.  You might like to take a look, here.

This is a little painting that I did in my sketch book on Spruce Island, near Kodiak, in 2014, and is on the back cover of Fran Kelso's book Alaska Attitudes.

Unless I come into contact with a scanner, I'll be back here after I get home in a couple of weeks.


Friday and Saturday

Saturday morning, about 5.5x8"
 I've gotten a bit behind in posting here, along with a few other things. Above is what I painted yesterday and below what I painted on Friday, both from the same spot, sitting in my car near the dock.  They are both in a sketch book that I just started using that I bought in England containing what I think is called cartridge paper.  These were done much more quickly than others this month.... drawing first with pen and ink gave definition that would have taken more time with just watercolor, and things really dried fast and I didn't have to wait to add more color..... using watercolor paper in this wet and cold environment, I almost always have 2 things going at once.  The bottom one was done in about a half hour.  The second one longer, as I worked more on the trees with ink.  
Friday Afternoon about 5.5x8 inches